Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Are you planning a memorable adventure in the wild? Then you definitely need to figure out probably the last survivalist tool that you will be holding in case everything else is lost. That is how important a survival knife can be for outdoor pursuits. However, not all the camping or survival knives that are available are created equally.

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Hence, you need to choose the right kind of knife for your requirements and that is when Fallkniven A1 survival knife comes into place. This is the ultimate choice for owning the best survival knife. It can be used to cut between the branches in the woods to make your way through, cut animals to prepare food, defend yourself from the predators, dig, or make spears and arrows.

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Best Survival Knife

Fallkniven A1 survival knife is the ultimate Swedish survival knife, which you can any day expect a black ops operator to pull from a sheath during the rescue. It is definitely not a beginner’s knife and it strictly means business by its structure and features. The knife, with the technical design and ergonomics, exceeds the international standards for value, strength and personal security. It is an all-purpose knife for very heavy duty use. The extremely powerful blade is composed of hard and tough laminated VG10 steel that helps it withstand the stress of hard use. Given its ergonomic design, it is great to chop with and works really well at all daily tasks. You can easily strike the end of the knife without breaking the grip as the full tang goes through the handle completely. It comes with a sturdy black Zytel sheath to fasten it on your belt. This model works extremely well both in a very cold temperature and in stifling heat. It has a water repelling concept.

Features of Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

Dimension: The Fallkniven A1 model is a semi-large knife that is perfect to be carried during excursions, hikes or to the campsites. It has an overall length of 280 mm and 160mm blade. It weighs around 305 gm. The thickness of the blade is about 0.24 inch. The blade has a drop point, 59 HRC, laminated VG10 stainless steel, exposed pommel, plain edge and convex grind.

Blade: The blade has a modified drop point design made up of very high-quality steel. It is composed of laminated VG10 Japanese steel that gives more than 20% strength in comparison to solid steel. The laminated VG10 comes with a very sharp edge. The benefit of this stainless steel is that this knife can hold up in cold conditions. The blade also has a convex grind that is extremely easy to chop wood. It is completely reliable to carve. The knife features a full tang that will help you get an amazing grip. The blade comes with a drop point design and features a satin finish that adds to its striking appearance.

This robust blade can withstand very heavy use. The knife is not that heavy and you can use it very efficiently. The blade has a sweeping belly and swedge for giving improved tip strength and amazing penetrating capability. The thick stock is partially flat ground and 6mm in thickness that terminates in a convex edge.

Design: This Fallkniven’s survival knife has a distinct design compared to other survival knives. It is constructed like a military cistern that makes it ideal for generic cutting and chopping activities and also prying a car door. The knife is proven to hold up to 556lbs before breaking in the field. This is one of the strongest survival knives that feature advanced quality construction materials.

Handle: The handle of this Swedish survival knife is constructed of Kraton that is a semi-rubbery, synthetic, high-density polymer. It is a full tang knife with thick laminated stock poking out through the handle. The handle design and construction is very simple with a lanyard tube inset near the pommel and a forward gauge. The handle of the knife is extremely comfortable. The Kraton material has a tackiness to it which is very important for chopping. The grip of the handle is accentuated by fine diamond-shaped texturing. The handle is very thick and gives you enough support and the rubbery Kraton polymer helps in absorbing the shock from hard pounding. The ergonomic handle lets you use the knife for daily chores. The Kraton polymer makes the handle durable and flexible. It also ensures resistance to weathering, chemicals, shocks and heat. It offers very high traction. The comfort and feel of the handle are excellent even in wet conditions.

Full Tang: This model comes with a full tang with a metal bottom for perfect hammering. You can see the metal at the end of its handle as it has a full tang, which is extremely helpful in case the handle broke off as you would be able to use the knife even then. The protruding metal allows for hammering if required. This is a great feature. With a full tang feature, you will find the knife to be completely unbreakable and the blade will never be removed from the handle. If you want a survival knife that has the ability to withstand a lot of hard use and abuse then you will definitely opt for one with a full tang like this A1 model from Fallkniven.

Sheath: The knife is shipped with Zytel polymer sheath which is simple and lightweight in nature. Polymer sheath has a lot of advantages like they are very easy to clean and this Zytel sheath features a drain hole so that it can survive in the wet conditions. This polymer sheath does not react to water or extremely cold weather. The sheath holds the survival knife securely and helps in easy one-hand insertion and removal. It hangs freely as it has got a simple belt loop. The belt loop will require you to remove the belt in order to put the sheath on or take it off the belt as there is no quick release with any snap closure or Velcro. You will, however, not find any way to carry it horizontally. On an average, the moulded injection Zytel sheath offers a neat and secure safe and a very strong combination of qualities that you may find attractive.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

What is the Knife Good for?

The survival knife is a versatile one that exceeds your expectation in terms of quality, standards and value. It is an amazing bushcraft knife to be used by you in the wild and is most likely to set up a global standard. Meant for military personnel, this knife does it all and is ideal for the following purposes:

  • Cutting anything that you need.
  • Chopping during your daily activities.
  • Protecting against any attackers or to kill any animal for food. The razor sharp product can be really defensive when required. You can keep your distance in case you are attacked and you are required to defend yourself as it is about 11 inches.
  • Prying can be easily done using this knife.
  • Hammering is also possible as the knife features a protruding blade at the end of the hand which will help you to hammer and cut through brush with complete ease.

If you are in search of an amazing all around sharp and durable blade, then this excellently crafted knife is meant for you. The A1 survival knife is very expensive but amazingly efficient one that serves all purpose well. With a fully functional, sturdy, no-slip handle and a curved edge, this Swedish knife will be very useful as a defensive tool that can be used for daily chores too. It is much better served as a survival strategy tool for all your outdoor requirements.

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  • This survival knife from Fallkniven is very sharp and extremely durable in nature.
  • The 11 inches length of the knife helps you to keep your distance while you are defending yourself whenever you are attacked. The length is a plus point for a serious jungle survivalist or hiker in you.
    It has been tested by the military to check for the military toughness and sharpness and is proved to have a very sharp edge even after you have used it for years.
  • It does not react to extreme temperatures.
  • The knife comes with an ergonomic design with various functionalities attached to its handle and blade that makes it the only choice as a survival knife.
  • It has been known to be the finest knife with an evenly distributed weight that makes it a perfect throwing knife for you in any sort of competition or for the hunt of wild hog. The handle is so well crafted and well fitted along with the A1 being sharp out of the gate, that it makes the knife to have one of the best finishes in comparison to other survival knives in the market.
  • The full tang that is covered in a material known as “Thermorun” helps in resisting heat, extreme cold weather, scratches and hard use. It allows for a very good grip even in wet conditions.
  • The blade is meant to be used comfortably for a very long period of time with very much less fatigue than other survival knives. The convex grind and cobalt steel material of the blade makes is super tough and also helps in keeping a sharp edge for a long period of time. The pommel, being bare metal, is very effective as a striking utensil.
  • The knife is meant to do small detailed work as well as baton very heavy firewood.
  • The solid metal of the knife can withstand vigorous work.
  • It features a safety element called the finger guard to save you from hurting yourself.
  • The Zytel sheath maintains the dryness of the knife and helps in withstanding wet conditions.


  • The blade is made up of laminated stainless steel of cobalt makes it a very hard blade which also means that it is very difficult to sharpen the blade. It could be very hard to sharpen it in the wild if the sharpness goes away from the edge of the knife.
  • The Zytel sheath has a poor design and is a bit weak in nature.
  • The Kraton grips tend to become very tacky.
  • This survival knife is a little expensive and might not be an option for you to buy if you are on a budget.

The Fallkniven A1 is the knife that is needed to be experienced by you in order to fully appreciate it. The sleek and simple look of the knife makes it really attractive. Everything lies in the convex grind and the slab of steel and the knife just does its job perfectly. The Zytel sheath totally works and is very lightweight in nature, making it more comfortable. It is a very high performing sheath, only that it does not have any added feature of bells and whistles. But, overall the knife is thoroughly impressive and cuts exceedingly well.

The amazing blade of 6.3 inches made up of advanced-quality steel features very high-quality materials and has got an excellent finish. Also, with a handle meant to perfectly fit in your hand and having a classic blade look and finish, this blade is the incarnation of the perfect all-purpose survival knife. The knife has got amazing reviews and very high rating in the market. These facts will speak a lot about the popularity and reliability of the survival knife from Fallkniven. It is a highly recommended survival knife if you are planning to go for an adventure into the wild as it will definitely help you as an effective defensive tool and you can also use it for your regular activities like cutting and chopping.

source http://crowsurvival.com/fallkniven-a1-survival-knife-review/

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion Fixed Blade Review

Ka-Bar has been a famous name in the history of knives. This historic brand has retained its class through the years and, at the same time, has brought a lot of innovation in their products. The knife that we are going to talk about today is no exception. It is a combination of Ka-Bar heredity along with Becker’s innovative designs. Made in the USA, it is one of the most popular knives and also amongst well-received knives in recent history.

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KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion Fixed Blade Review

Before we move on to the detailed discussion, let us explain to you the categorization of the knife. While there are some knives that are specially designed for the menial tasks required for a camping or hunting trip and some which are meant for the tougher tasks, the Ka-Bar BK2 knife lies somewhere in between these two categories.

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Best Survival Knife

If you are in search of a knife that will neither be dedicated towards performing ‘heavy lifting’ nor the fine cutting tasks, then you have landed in the right place.

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion In Detail

Tech Specs:

  • Length- 10-5/8 inches
  • Blade length- 5-1/4 inches
  • Weight- 16 ounces
  • Tang – 0.25 inches
  • Thickness of Blade- 0.25 inches

The Blade:

The blade comes in a drop point shape. It is made of 1095 Crovan steel, a high-carbon steel. It is a durable variety of steel which is popularly used in manufacturing knives. It is also powder-coated, thanks to which it is roll resistant. The textured coating adds to the eye-pleasing look of the knife. It is also quite durable and makes the knife last long enough.

The blade is highly sharp right from the moment you take it out of the box and does not need you to sharpen it before you use it for a considerable period of time.

This sandpaper-like coating, however, adds some unwanted friction to the knife which some users may not like.

The thickness of the blade allows you to apply force while using it for cutting tasks.

It has an extremely sturdy tip as well as a high flat grind. People often compare the blade to ESEE-5 but it outdoes the later with its features.

If you are looking for a medium-sized blade to serve your purpose, this will be a fair deal. On the other hand, if you are searching for a longer blade, you must look for BK7 or BK9.

The hatchet effect:

The combination of a thick stock with a flat grind helps in producing a Hatchet effect where a wide angle is formed that allows the knife to wedge into the material as you cut it.


It is a multi-tasking knife that is capable of performing a variety of jobs such as splitting or batoning wood, preparing a pile of woods to be used in the bonfires and splitting logs. It can easily split the logs into smaller pieces of diameter 4 inches. You may even use it for carving purpose and gather some shavings or tinder for lighting a fire. It also plays a great role in cooking things. Chopping vegetables and curving stakes become really easy with it.

However, you cannot expect it to be like a big knife since it is comparatively smaller in size and thus has its limitations.

How does it perform in the real world?

Cutting wood: It cut wood like a pro, with minimal effort and least time. Though you cannot expect it to work like an axe. It finely chopped logs into small pieces. Be it pine or fir, the knife will not have a problem in chopping it.

Another thing is that it can cut woods of relatively smaller size and is not that great a performer when it comes to chopping bigger pieces.

Fine cutting: The next thing which we wanted to judge was the finesse of the knife. We first started with cutting feather sticks. It was great at it and produced angular cuts quite easily. It also produced a few curls at ease.

Making deadfall traps forms another important part of survival trips and it passed this test too, like a pro! The thick geometry of the knife along with its forward-heavy design turning made it the cutting process a bit messy, but the task was somehow accomplished and that is what matters for the survivalist in you who do not care about the hurdles and dangers that he might face in his journey.

Chopping vegetables: If you are making preparations for dinner, this knife may come in handy for you as it will help you to cut vegetables quite easily. Of course, you can’t get the same performance as a kitchen knife would perform. Preparing for fine dining will not really be possible with it. But if you are looking for something that will help you survive in the wild for a few days then it shall be fine.

As a weapon: It is not as powerful as a weapon. If you looking for a survival knife or one that would allow you to kill animals or can be used for fighting, then this is not your thing. You should buy a dedicated fighting knife in that case.

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion Fixed Blade
KA-BAR BK2 Becker Companion Fixed Blade

Full Tang Knife:

It has a full steel tang which means that the knife is a single solid piece with two pieces of handles pinned on to the blade, one on either side. This is the strongest tang arrangement.

The extended tang sticks at the bottom of the handle and it makes it easy for you to be used as a chisel.


It is a bit too heavy in weight, especially if you consider its size. This makes it a bit difficult to lift and manoeuvre. So it may happen that you may not even feel like taking it out of its case and using it in cases where you just need to cut a packet or perform similar tasks. It is too heavy to be used for such small tasks or small requirements.

Carrying it from one place to the other is also a bit difficult due to its weight. It may, in course of time, cause you back pain if carried on your body (which is most likely for carrying a survival knife).


The handle is manufactured using a high-density plastic called as Zytel. The design is just perfect for a workout knife of this type. The material makes it light yet tough. It is also featured with a great finish which gives it an elegant look. It is designed with its butt and the guard flaring out in such a way that you will find it quite comfortable to hold and use the knife.

The handle is thick with a generous palm swell. It is designed in such a manner that even those with a larger size of hands will not find any difficulty in holding it. If you are looking for a better grip, you may opt for micarta scales or even wrap the handle using athletic tape or a ranger band which is basically a section of the inner tube of a bicycle. After all, changing the handle after the sale is not at all a difficult task!

The shape of the handle is unique and there are no hot spots found while using it.


The next thing that we will come to is the sheath. Here the sheath is extremely light, simple in design yet strong thanks to the glass-filled nylon construction.

The snapping sound that is produced by putting the knife inside its case adds a feel-good factor to using the knife. No rattling sound of the blade is associated with it. The blade never falls out of the sheath to bother you. A drain hole is also present.

The nylon belt look is simple in structure and comes with a snap fastener which provides it added retention. There is also a Philips head driver using which it can be completely removed.


It has been designed in such a way that you will feel really comfortable using this knife. It is ergonomic even in the reverse grip. Be it dry or wet, you will not find a problem to hold it the way it suits you. The rivet holes and slots that the knife comes with will provide you with a number of options such as molle locks, paracord, webbing and tek-loks.


Money matters. And the amount of money that you invest in a knife is also a big factor to consider. The price is not exceedingly high but is not reasonable for a knife of its category. You will find a range of knives with better functionalities at this price range.

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Customer Reviews:

Kabar Becker BK2 has received mostly positive reviews in the different review sites. However, People have appreciated the sharpness of its blade as well as other features like the nylon sheath, and ergonomics. However, a lot of users have faced trouble in carrying it and some have even mentioned that the knife is not at all what it claims to be!


  • It has a decent look thanks to its shiny steel blade and matte handle.
  • The 1095 CroVan blade is sharp yet strong and allows you to cut things with ease.
  • The sheath that it is enclosed in is light and sturdy.
  • The handle is designed in such a way that it makes it ergonomic and lets you operate the knife according to your convenience.
  • It is capable of cutting through huge pieces of wood or performing other tasks important for your survival, thanks to its thick blade and smart design.
  • You can use it to give angular cuts as well as curls.
  • It can be used in a number of arrangements such as molle locks, paracord, webbing etc. thanks to the rivet holes and slots.
  • It is a multi-tasking knife that can be used for different purposes like chopping wood, cutting fine vegetables and carving.


  • It is a bit too heavy for tasks like preparing food, feathering and other such tasks that you will need to perform if you are on a camping trip. There’s no wonder that it will perform these tasks well but you will not feel comfortable in doing them with this heavy knife.
  • It is a bit over-priced. You may get other better knives at this price range.


So, as you can see, the Kabar BK2 can be used for a number of functionalities. However, if you are in search of a knife that excels in one any of these, then sorry! This is not your thing.

It is a bit heavy for its size so you will not feel like carrying it or lifting it for menial tasks and would prefer a handy knife instead. It has a sharp blade that is strong enough and will thus not bend easily. When it comes to giving sharp cuts, it will leave you no reasons to complain thanks to this sharp blade. Be it wood or some other material, you can always cut it with least amount of effort within minimal time. But as we have mentioned, the comparatively small blade size becomes a problem as it is unable to chop larger chunks of wood.

Handling it is not a problem thanks to the convenient grip it offers (only if you do not have any problem in carrying or lifting it).

You may buy a kitchen knife for chopping vegetables finely, a fighting knife if you are looking for a weapon, a chisel for chiselling and have got other such choices for another use. But if you are looking for a multi-purpose one that would be of some help at least in all of these occasions then go for Kabar fixed blade BK2. It will be a one-time investment to serve you at all your tasks. ’Jack of all trades, master of none’ is the best way to describe it in a humorous way!

source http://crowsurvival.com/ka-bar-bk2-becker-companion-fixed-blade-review/

KA-BAR Full-sized Fighting Knife Review | Why You Need to Get One Now

KA-BAR Full-sized Fighting Knife is a fighting knife that is, while at the same time, capable of serving your other needs. Ka-Bar has been a famous name in the history of knives and has been quite a name in the field since 1942! Though initially, it was popular only among the US Marine Corps, later on, it came to be used among the Navy and Army too!

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KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

The history behind its name is also very interesting. It is said that a fur trapper had sent a letter to the owner of Union Cutlery stating that he had used a fighting knife to kill a bear when his rifle got jammed. In his letter, the letters ‘k’,’a’,‘b’, ’a’ and ‘r’ were only legible. It was from there that the knife got its name!
Though termed as a fighting knife, it is highly suitable for all your camping tasks. Be it cutting dead branches of a tree or surviving from the attack of a wild beast, it can serve you a hell lot of purposes.

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Best Survival Knife

Technical Specifications

The dimensions of the knife are somewhat like- 11.875 in length, 7 inches in length of the blade and it is 11.2 ounces in weight. There is a shorter version available where the blade length is 5.25 inches. However, the handle here is too small. So unless you have a very small size of palm, do not go for this one! It is made using great quality materials for both blades and handle and is imported. An excellent craftsmanship takes the knife to a higher level.

Let us discuss the features of the knife one by one:

Blade: The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a knife is its blade. The blade here is black-coated and flat ground. It is manufactured using 1095 Cro-Van steel, which assures great quality and durability. Being an alloy of Chromium and Vanadium, it has both edge retentive and resistive properties. It is also termed as Sharon steel by the manufacturers of the knife. The rating of this alloy in the Rockwell C hardness scale lies in the range of 56-58.

The blade is a bit offset as compared to the handle. It is just below 1.25 inches in width. The smaller version of the blade is without this offset.

The blade slowly narrows down at the edge and finally ends in a point.

Sharpening the knife is a bit too difficult as compared to a regular 1095 steel blade. However, it is worth the extra effort that you put in since it proves to be a great performer in the wild!

The spine side of the blade has an inbuilt 2.5-inch fuller which makes it feel lighter than its actual weight and without compromising its strength. This fuller is called by a Blood Groove by many since it is believed that the fuller helps in draining out the blood and allowing fresh air to come in and lessen the suction so that the knife blade can be pulled out of the body of the creature that you have attacked.
This has been specially designed keeping the soldiers in mind who need to be mobile during their operation. The blade is thick and strong enough to be used for the purpose of opening ammo cans, to baton firewood and also cutting wires.

Initially, it used to come with its blade sharpened but this became a problem with many as it was against the norms and they stopped the practice.

The edge of the blade is straight and it is thus capable of slicing in a better way and is suitable for your self defense.

Pommel: There is a gold-plated bass guard along with pommel. The pommel here is made up of steel and is capable of withstanding some amount of pounding. There is a slightly curved cross-guard present at the blade end of the handle which offers some amount of protection from danger.

Handle: It is oval in shape and 1 by 1.25 inches in dimension. It is tapering at the top and bottom ends to offer you full grip. It is made of pure leather and can also be made of Kraton depending on the version you choose. The leather one will weather with the passage of time but combined with the oil from your hand it will offer an excellent grip. The Kraton, on the other hand, proves to be helpful in humid and saltwater regions. So you may select one depending on your place or nature of use. It will thus be a better performer than even a factory knife- ‘Old is Gold’!

Comfort Level: One of the most important things that people look at while choosing a knife is its level of comfort- how comfortable you are holding or gripping it. The Kraton that is present makes the grip comfortable. Be it resisting or staying in your hand, Kraton is going to prove helpful.
It has notches that enhance the grip. Moreover, there are cooling channels that prove to be helpful during field work. There is a balance point in between the blade and its handle which makes the knife easier to handle.

Sheath: It is encased in a leather sheath provided you are buying the version which comes in stacked leather. On this sheath, the logo of the region of service will be included. On the other hand, if you choose a Kraton handle, there will be a plastic sheath covering the knife. Both the sheaths are great from the functional point of view and also make the knife look better.

The leather is of a very high quality and involves excellent stitching. You can even wash it when dirty. Similarly, if you go for the plastic version, you will get a high quality sheath.

Full tang: When fully open, the knife has a full tang. The pin of the flat pommel extends through the tang.

Its Cutting Abilities: It is capable of performing great cutting tasks right out of the box. Thanks to the extraordinary manufacturing process of the knife, it is able to cut things like none other.
We put it to several tests and observed its cutting power in all of them.

Wood: We first began with wood. A survival is expected to cut wood and it will provide a great proof of both its strength and sharpness. After all, you would need your knife to cut through the wood that you need for your shelter or for lighting the fire!

It performed fairly well at it. Though, it felt as if we were using a secondary option rather than the most suitable one which would be the axe or saw in this case.

Dressing Meat: When you are in the wild and looking forward to hunting beasts for your meals for the sake of survival, dressing meat would become a necessity. No matter whether you have hunted the animal with the help of this knife, it will be of great help when you sit to dress the meat before your dinner.

De-heading Fishes: You are in the wild so you will not get the de-heading machine at your disposal. So better use this knife for the task. You will find it worth the hype.

So is the knife survival or tactical?

A question which people ask a lot about this knife is whether it is survival or tactical. The answer to it will be that it is survival since it has been designed with the main purpose of self defense or survival. If you are looking for something that will help you in special combat situations, then you are wrong.

Here are a few reasons why people consider buying this knife over the other commonly found models:
A great gift: It is great gift if you are considering gifting someone from the army. Whether it is their birthday or anniversary of joining or farewell- the Ka-bar Full-sized knife will be a great option to go with.
It comes from the house of Ka-bar, an iconic name in the world of knives since 1898. And it is one of the prime models of this brand and has been designed keeping all your requirements in mind.

It has the USMC fame- it was given to the United State Marine Corps during the Second World War and then gradually became popular in the entire world. So, owning a knife that has such huge fame as your personal knife is indeed great!

The heredity: It can be inherited from one generation to the other and can be used across generations in a family. Its qualities are timeless!


  • It is made of quality materials. The 1095CroVan high carbon steel and the pure quality leather truly make it a product to look for.
  • It is designed in such a way that you can use it as a weapon- a ‘fighting knife’ in the true sense of the term.
  • It is a product from the historic Ka-Bar and can become the pride of an ex army man or navy person.
  • It is versatile and can be used to serve other purposes like making arrangements for your meal rather than just as a weapon.
  • It is ergonomic to be used, thanks to the leather handle.
  • It is durable and resistant to poor weather conditions.
  • It offers a decent look and can be a good collectible for your show-case.
  • The sheath in which it comes is also made of high quality materials and is resistant against weathering.
  • It provides a good value for money.


  • The lacquered handle is somewhat unsuitable since leather handles are normally not lacquered.

A few tips for using the knife:

Keep it out of reach of children not only because they may end up injuring themselves but also for they do not know anything about knife-care. They might end up damaging it badly.
Always keep it in its sheath. This will prevent it from weathering.

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Customer Reviews

The knife has done extremely well in the review sites. The customers have been overwhelmed by the performance and have given it high ratings. You will be surprised to know that 90% of them have given it five stars. About 10% of the buyers gave it 4 stars. 3 and 2 stars were given by even lesser people. One star was given by hardly anyone.

Among the very few people who rated it lesser number of stars, the reason was related to the sheath. Many people opined that the leather sheath which was manufactured not in Mexico but US was not up to the mark.

Negative reviews of the knife blaming its sharpness or quality or features are rare to find. As evident from the customer reviews and feedbacks, the knife is equipped with all the jaw-dropping features that you would expect from a product of its type.

Summary: So, as you can see, the KA-BAR Full-sized Fighting Knife is a great knife in its price range that combines a number of features that you expect from a product of its type. Starting from its smart look to the quality materials used and from its versatile functionalities to durable structure –it is the knife to look for!

source http://crowsurvival.com/ka-bar-full-sized-fighting-knife-review-why-you-need-to-get-one-now/

Review of Gerber Strong Arm: a Knife with Cutting-Edge Features

If you are planning a camping trip on your next vacation, you will need a strong arm knife along with you. And we are here to help you pick the best one among them. Today we will review one of the most popular knives available today- the Gerber Strong Arm!

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Gerber Strong Arm Review

Team Gerber seemed to be very hopeful with their product during the launch and suggested the customers that it would be a great choice for their trips, helping you to cut the wood, prepare your food and even dress the fish! It is solid in the hand and has been specifically designed for survival and combat situations and is versatile with respect to its functionalities.

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//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=USBest Survival KnifeThe multitude of features that it is capable of the offering will make you go crazy over it. You will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest if you carry the StrongArm along with you, it is a must on your packing list.
So let us have a discussion on what this Knife can offer you:

Sheath: The knife comes encased in a Modular Sheath System, a Gerber Specialty. The sheath is manufactured using high-quality thermo-plastic with a number of lashing points and rivets to provide you with paracord and molle lashing options.

It can be clipped inside the sheath and can be carried in a number of ways depending on your purpose. If you want to carry it on your belt, use the nylon straps to attach the snaps to the plastic.

You can also use the straps if you wish to mount the sheath to MOLLE gear. It allows the knife to be carried vertically along the hip. This feature, however, may not prove to be helpful for you if you do not have MOLLE attachments in your fish pack.

Lastly, you can also carry the knife in the horizontal form along your waistline. Here the bracket is capable of being attached to your belt and the sheath is attached to the bracket with the help of the plastic plate that is included.

So, with so many options at your disposal, carry it just the way you feel comfortable, based on your requirements.

Also, if you are a lefty, you will find Gerber Strong Arm much suitable for you since it can be placed inside the sheath in both left-handed as well as right-handed directions.

Grip Comfort: Another great feature of the knife is the comfort that it provides. The knife handle is made up of rubber and you will thus have no difficulty in carrying it. The rubber coating on the handle also makes it durable. The diamond texture of the handle makes it look good too.

The raised bolster, however, takes away a few points and reduces its ergonomic quotient since you will not be able to find a suitable position for your thumb.

Irrespective of whether it is wet or dry, it will never slip away from your hands. The shape of the grip is neutral and feels ergonomic.

Design: The knife is about 3/16th of an inch in thickness. It is not extraordinary in terms of looks but has a classic touch of elegance which easily separates it from its competitors i.e. other knife models that are available.

When inside the case, the color contrast between the knife and its sheath is worth admiring. The finish of the knife has earned the appreciation of the owners.

Gerber Strong Arm
Gerber Strong Arm

Durability: It is quite durable and sturdy. However, the coating of rubber may break down with usage. The blade, coated with ceramic and made of durable materials, is not much likely to break. In terms of durability, in fact, it is much better than any other knife available. Both the knife and its sheath are made in USA.

The Blade: The blade is full tang and ceramic-coated. It is composed of 420 HC stainless steel which is one of the best varieties of the steel. The edge is symmetrically ground and quite sharp. The coating of ceramic here is not too rough, unlike some other models that have their blades coated with ceramic. It offers scandi-grind features and unlike a full grind knife, it will not grind using all its strength. It would rather provide a perfect balance while cutting. The fixed blade built of the blade provides brute strength and is capable of performing all sorts of cutting operations.

It is a fine edge knife which means that there are no serrations along the edge. This is unique for a Gerber knife considering the fact that none of its predecessors from the house of Gerber were plain edged. The angle is 40 to 50 degrees inclusive of both the sides (which means 20-25 degrees for each). The edge is thus prevented from chipping and rolling without compromising with the hardness of the blade.

The spine of the blade comes out on the ground at an angle of 90 degrees, thus making it ideal for striking Ferro rods.

Handle: There is a pommel at the base of the handle helps in breaking hard surfaces. It is coated with a ceramic to ensure that corrosion can be prevented. It is an altitude adjuster at the same time.
The handle might feel a little small for your hand. Maybe the manufacturers only had the people with small hand sizes in mind while making it.

Physical Dimensions: It is light in weight with a capacity of 7.2oz which is approximately 240g. The overall weight inclusive of the sheath is 10.9 oz which is approximately 309gram. It is 3*16*5.5 inches in dimension.

Functionalities: Finally we come to the functionalities of the Gerber Strong Arm where it must be stated that in terms of its cutting abilities, the knife is simply superb and is capable of defeating all its competitors!

It cuts like a beast, to put it in short and is capable of cutting through woods and other toughest of materials. Firstly, let us consider the abilities of the knife to process wood which is of immense importance during your camping trips.

You will easily find a knife which can split dry oaks but the question is how smoothly and effortlessly you can cut the wood and also how small the size of the pieces formed is. From my personal experience, I can tell you that Gerber StrongArm occupies a significant position in this respect as it is able to chip the wood into innumerable tiny pieces and that too without requiring a lot of strength and time on your part. So if your venture requires you a lot of wood processing, forgetting the StrongArm would be a huge blunder!

There are many similar knives that will have their edge twisted on cutting such huge quantity of woods. StrongArm is an exception since it did not suffer any malformation throughout the operation.

Dressing Fish: Another aspect of living in the wild for a few days is fishing and having your catch during meals. But for that, you need to dress the fishes that you have caught accurately. Here it removed the scales with great perfection and huge efficiency, allowing you to dress your fishes at the shortest of time. The sharpness of the knife is beyond question.

Cutting Fruit: The next test in which we put it was cutting fruits and vegetables. Before we cut them, we needed to peel them off and this is where the StrongArm was a bit cornered by its competitors. The edge is not so thin which is why the peels could not be removed completely. While cutting the peels, a portion of the flesh was also chopped off. That is nothing worth complaining, though. If you are happy with fresh cut apples to add more flavor to your meals, then it is perfectly fine. If, however, you are looking for something that will also help you to make fruit salads, then sorry…choose some other knife!

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Game Processing: We tested with chicken wings and it was brilliant in it! Cutting huge chunks or tearing small pieces- whatever be your mission- you are sure to be successful in it with this knife at your disposal.

Cardboard Slicing: It is also a great performer when it comes to cardboard slicing as it can cut both ¾ inch sisal and ½ inch sisals with a single cut.

Cutting Ropes: Last but not least, cutting ropes form one of the most important parts of camping. And you cannot call a cutting knife a good one unless it can cut rope well. Strong Arm proved to be a great choice here by cutting the ropes to meet our expectations.

Value for Money: When it comes to finding value for money I would say that the Gerber Strong Arm is great in this respect since it provides such jaw-dropping features at such an affordable price. Also, in terms of functionalities, it is capable of surpassing any other knife in its price range or even at a higher price range. The above discussions on the functionalities of the knife must have made it clear to you.

So, by now, you must be having a clear idea of the features and functionalities of the StrongArm. Now, let us move on to the pros and cons of the product.


  • It has a unique shape and design which makes it effective in its task. It is also good from the ergonomic point of view.
  • The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and coated with ceramic. This makes it corrosion-resistant and capable of cutting easily.
  • It is versatile in its task and is capable of cutting meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables as well as ropes, woods, and cardboards into pieces.
  • It comes inside a sheath and can be adjusted to carry it in different positions.
  • Its sheath retention is just perfect.
  • It provides good value for money.
  • You can grip it easily.
  • There are no serrations along the edge.


  • The handle is a bit small.
  • At the back of the knife, the grind of the clip is not even.

Customer Reviews:

The Gerber StrongArm has won the admiration of its customers and people have enjoyed using it. It has given 4.7 stars out of 5 in a review site which is unparalleled for a knife of its type. There have been negative reviews too, but that is, kind of, negligible. The overall feedback has been great.


The Gerber StrongArm is a unique product for its price, providing quality features and offering great versatility. It has been designed keeping your outdoor ventures in mind, where survival becomes tough. And it does true justice to that, helping you to perform all your necessary tasks during camping. Starting from cutting ropes for setting up your tent to dressing the fish that you have caught for your dinner- you can do it all with the least amount of effort thanks to the cutting power of StrongArm.

The customers and reviewers have admired its classic look, its plain blade, its ergonomic handle that provides a great grip and above all, its ability to cut stuff. However, amongst the ample number of positives, there are a few negatives too, which include the problems with the handle and the grind of the clip.

These negatives, however, are ignorable if you consider the huge number of benefits that you can enjoy. So, overall, the Gerber Strong Arm is a knife that you can use for your bushcraft and similar activities and comes with numerous features. This helps it to stand out among the other products of its type and also the preferred choice of a lot of people. So just get hold of the knife and you will never regret buying it!

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source http://crowsurvival.com/review-of-gerber-strong-arm-a-knife-with-cutting-edge-features/

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife Review | Quite Simply One Of The Best Knives Available

If you are lost somewhere in the jungle, caught behind enemy camps, stuck in a natural disaster, or you are out with your family or friends for a camping trip, a multi-purpose survival knife can increase the chance of survival in your favor and can easily turn a potential accident into an exciting adventure. Survival knives can prove out to be a valuable option in tough situations where everything seems to be going out of your hand.

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Gerber LMF II Survival Knife Review

Taking a close look at one of the most talked about survival knives of recent times, that is, Gerber LMF II Survival Knife. It is believed to be the best survival knife available in the market and by which all other survival knives should be judged. This knife is among one of the most famous, designed for military personnel survival knives in recent times, that is made available to anyone in general. There are many versions of this knife but to be honest all versions of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife are almost the same.

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Best Survival Knife

The only difference in the different models is basically the handle and sheath colors and also the accessories that come with the packed model. The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is available with a brown, black or green handle and matching sheath. This knife turns out to be a lifesaver in dangerous situations and you should take a close look at the features to understand what else you can do with it.

Gerber Knife

The Size:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has a quite wide blade that is 4.84 inches long and 3/16s of an inch thick and the overall length of the knife from the tip of the blade to the bottom is 10.59 inches. This multi-purpose knife weights around 11.67 ounces without its heavy sheath and it weighs a bit more around 24.28 ounces with the sheath. Though, this knife can be a little too heavy for casual works and to carry it every day, wherever you go, in a nonsurvival condition is not a good idea. Although, you will be really happy to use this extremely dangerous knife if an emergency situation ever arrives.

The Blade:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has a brilliant drop point blade. These drop point blades usually have a curve of convex nature, from the starting of blade spine to the end blade point. As we know, drop point knives prove to be very powerful across the total length of the survival knife, even including the point. This feature makes this knife a handy tool for just about any slicing, cutting or bushcraft task.

Great for Bushcraft:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife also has a big flat surface area on its spine, for mallet complemented bushcraft which is done for smooth gripping.

The Steel:

The powerful blade of Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is built with 420HC high-quality stainless steel. This type of stainless steel provides really good resistance to rust and is very tough. Thus it automatically becomes a good tool for slicing, prying, chopping hammering, and digging. This stainless steel is wear resistant and performs really well at retaining an edge with heavy use. Gerber also integrated a sharpener into the sheath to assist you to stay on top of keeping the knife sharp. The blade of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is coated in black oxide for a very low visual signature and additional corrosion prevention. You will be very happy to use this amazing knife if an unwanted situation ever arrives.

Fine to Serrated Edge:

Here, the knife blade goes from a really fine edge to a serrated edge towards the handle. Though, most survival knives, many combat knives, and even tactical knives are designed with the inclusion of a serrated edge. This is done because a serrated edge is likely to remain sharp long after the fine edge of the knife becomes dull or useless. Also, a serrated edge can easily cut things like vines, rope, branches and many others faster than the fine edge.

Sharpening Serrations Is Very Easy:

To be honest there is nothing to worry about sharpening the serrated edge of your Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is actually very easy with the perfect tool. You need a special diamond sharpening stick, like the one we see on various television shows and adventure games. Generally, a few strokes are all it takes to restore a banged up serration back to its full cutting power. Once it is back to its best, you can use it anywhere you want. You can use it when you are facing some problems and in these situations, it will not let you down.

The Handle:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife handle is specially fashioned using the glass carried nylon with a TPV over mold grip. You will get instantly impressed by seeing how good this amazing knife feels in your hand. The strong handle is wider than most of the knives in this price range and a bit tilted on the flat side. This simple design increases the grip surface very easily, that is in contact with your hand and this makes it very comfortable when you try to throw it or try to mark something.

The Rubberized Comfortable Grip:

This is one of the best features of the item. The newly designed handle of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is really grippy and has a comfortable rubberized grip. It is not like any other SOG knives that have an uncomfortable composite handle which is not easy to grip. The handle lets the water flow smoothly and you can grip it very easily even when it is wet. Towards the lower end of the handle, the grip is curved out nearly a half inch to cushion the pounding and prevent any slippage.

Perfectly Designed For Chopping:

The tough lower end flair also makes chopping with the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife very easy because you can easily wrap your thumb and forefinger around the bottom end of the handle to create a natural chopping motion, to chop down small trees and to give proper shape to the wood. Even lashing the knife to a constructed pole is made very easy due to the three holes present in the handle. The amazing stainless steel end cap is specially designed to crush, break and hammer. You may need to use it when you are facing some trouble or trapped somewhere and in these situations, it will not let you down. You can check out several videos on the internet to properly understand how to use the knife. It can even pierce through a car window without any struggle whatsoever, you will surely get astonished seeing the power it generates while cutting through.

Very Innovative Construction:

This knife is specially designed for military personnel as they can use it in extensive survival battles behind very dangerous enemy lines. The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is one of a kind, with strong three quarter tang construction. This item is a great performer as the knife was originally designed as an aircrew survival knife and you can easily understand how strong it is.

Electrically Insulated Knife Handle:

This is one of the best features in the entire model, one specific requirement of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife design was to provide insulation to the handle and to prevent aircrew from getting into any trouble. They can intentionally or even accidentally, smoothly cut through live wires while freeing themselves from the aircraft in an emergency situation. Gerber developed a very tough, nylon substrate innovative molding process that locks both the blade and the bottom cap close together, while electrically isolating the bottom cup from the blade. You can use it when you are facing some problems or you are trapped somewhere and in these situations, it will not let you down.

Troup Tested Tough:

This Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has proven to be one of the most durable performers for a couple of years now and has been thoroughly tested by experienced troops in the battlefield, and this should definitely finish the argument as to whether the knife’s three quarter long tang construction is powerful enough to survive in a real-world military war situation or not. And, for extra support at difficult times, you can throw the knife at the target, as the grip is quite comfortable to hold and throw it at the target with high speed.

The Sheath:

The excellent color coordinated sheath is made up of ballistic nylon with an extraordinary fire retardant coating. The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is firmly held in its sheath by using an advanced friction lock system. The sheath is designed in a way that both left-handed users and right-handed users can hold and carry it. The extremely simple handle is held quite tightly held against the sheath with two strong straps that do the job.

Integrated Sharpener:

As we can observe in the model, there is a sheath that has an integrated V category sharpener that is easily accessible by releasing some of the sheath straps. This is quite handy for keeping the knife blade sharp enough in the field. You may need to use it when you are facing some trouble or trapped somewhere and in these situations, it will not let you down.

Special Leg Straps For Thigh Or Calf Carry:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife generally ships with two extremely comfortable leg straps to enable the thigh or calf carry. The leg straps are really comfortable and medium thick and they include a portion of elastic to keep the sheath tight against the legs. The straps are rubberized very smoothly on the inside to prevent any slippage.

MOLLE Compatible:

The sheath is specially designed for belt carry and is MOLLE compatible. You can attach the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife easily to your belt because of the comfortable strap.

Safety Strap and Strap Cutter:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife comes with a high-quality safety strap and amazing strap cutter that is wrapped in a nice MOLLE compatible sheath. The strap cutter works very well as it makes safe and quick work of cutting straps and belts. And, you will be really happy to use this extremely dangerous knife, if an emergency situation ever arrives.

Customer Reviews:

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has been the first choice of many customers and they are really satisfied with its performance. The variety of features that the knife produces is quite extraordinary being in that comfortable price range. From its shape to the sheath, everyone praised the product seeing how strong it is. Even military personnel and special forces gave Gerber LMF II Survival Knife a big thumbs up.


  • The size of the knife is quite big and since it is very powerful, you can through almost everything.
  • The blade is very wide and because of the large surface area, you can use it on the battlefield.
  • This knife is perfect for doing bushcraft.
  • Stainless steel is used in making this perfect knife, and it is very tough.
  • The serrated edge is present in the knife as it will stay in shape, even long after the cutting edge.
  • The rubberized grip in this knife makes it very comfortable to hold and through it at the target without much hesitation.
  • It offers safety trap and strap cutter.
  • You can attach the knife to your belt.
  • It offers leg strap for smooth calf carry.


  • The knife is a bit too heavy.
  • It is hard to carry it everywhere.


The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife provides so many great features and it is really tough and will last a very long time for sure. It can perform a wide range of works and customers are also very happy about it. It is definitely the best choice in that price range. You can definitely use it when you are facing some serious problems or are trapped behind enemy lines and in these situations, it will prove to be extremely helpful. The various features of the knife will make sure that you can get out any trouble at any moment.

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source http://crowsurvival.com/gerber-lmf-ii-survival-knife-review-quite-simply-one-of-the-best-knives-available/

How To Use Wild Lettuce For Survival

If you have just heard about Wild Lettuce you might be asking yourself “what in the world is wild opium lettuce” and “why should I even pay the slightest bit of attention to it?”

Wild Lettuce has quite a few unique properties which may lead you to ask additional questions “Is it safe? How can you identify it? How do you prepare it?”

Within this article we aim to answer any and all questions you might have, educating you in one of the most incredible plants around.

Shop For Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce, which is also known as Lactuca Virosa, has been used in medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks. The plant’s seeds, sap and leaves are known to contain specific medicinal properties. Evidence and writing date back as far as 430 BC which shows that Hippocrates, who is popularly known as the Father of Modern Medicine, knew about the effects the plant’s sap can in relieving pain.

Fast forward a few centuries and as Civil War was leaving a wake of destruction across America, reliable supplies of opium were becoming difficult to come by, which in turn resulted in a surge in popularity of Wild Lettuce

While the effects of wild lettuce are less pronounced than a real opiate, many of the side effects associated with opium are not present and the addictive properties are non-existent.

It’s not at all surprising that the 1970’s saw a resurfacing interest in the plant, but this time around it wasn’t a war that drove the increased attention. As the hippie scene was in full swing across much of America, many sought the plant as a legal means of accessing a mild psychotropic, using the sap to get high.

To this day it remains popular option amongst those looking at non-traditional medicine or anyone that’s interested in survival skills, it grows remarkably well in most parts of the world.

The Law and Wild Lettuce

If you’re lucky enough to live in the United States, you’ll be very glad to hear that Wild Lettuce is 100% legal to own, buy, trade, grow and use. It’s classified as an unscheduled substance, so you can do whatever you want with it. However, this is true of the USA, the laws in other countries might differ, so please do check locally applicable laws before doing something that might come back to haunt you.

What Can Wild Lettuce be Used For?

The uses for Wild Lettuce go far beyond just being a painkiller, it has a variety of uses which make it an incredibly valuable natural occurring asset. Additionally, as there are no documented adverse reactions or addiction issues surrounding it, it’s safe to self-administer with little fear of anything untoward happening.

Pain Relief

The pain reducing effects of this plant are well documented and have been used by many civilisations for thousands of years. Its power is roughly equal to that of aspirin or ibuprofen. If you suffer from any long-term pain or would just like to explore alternative pain relief options, then Wild Lettuce is well worth checking out. We’ve personally had reports of people successfully treating hangovers, arthritis, minor bumps and headaches with the plan.

Diuretic Effects

The plant has been shown to a positively affect a user’s urinary flow. As such it can be used to treat a range of urinary issues, for example, edema and infections.

Stress or Insomnia

We’ve all been there before, lying in bed, feeling tired, but unable to sleep. This can be caused by stress, pain or a host of other reasons. Thankfully wild lettuce might just be the answer. The plant’s sap has calming sedative effects. After a couple of doses, you might just find yourself slipping into a rejuvenating natural sleep, waking up refreshed and all set to face the day. If you combine

Panic or Anxiety

Sometimes we all need a little bit of help overcoming anxiety, perhaps you hate flying or your worries about a job interview, regardless of the cause, it’s never a pleasant experience. Wild opium lettuce has relaxing properties which might just be what you’re looking for. The mild sedative effects will calm nerves, relieve stress and cause worry to leave your body, at least temporarily.

Coughs and Colds

Every year once the colder weather arrives, it seems like a torrent of coughs and colds are released into our office, causing every last one of us to splutter, cough and feel thoroughly miserable. Luckily for us, wild lettuce has the ability to relax the respiratory system, easing breathing and helping to clear the sinuses. It’s a godsend when you’re blocked up and can provide a few hours of relief.

Recreational Use

We should add a disclaimer to this part, we don’t want to promote the use of drugs or anything related to drugs. However, Wild Lettuce is entirely legal to use and has been safely used for countless generations, so if you feel compelled to experiment with its psychoactive effects, you should be relatively safe to do so. Please do consult a trained medical practitioner before trying!

Preparing and Using Wild Lettuce

Preparing wild lettuce is really not a difficult task, the main challenge is choosing a method that works best for you.

Tea from Dried Wild Lettuce

If you’re looking for a mild and gentle effect, a tea made from the leaves is probably the recommended route to pursue. It doesn’t taste too bad and it can be mixed with other more flavour teas in order to create the perfect cuppa. You can also buy already prepared Wild Lettuce teas online which saves a lot of hassle.

Wild Lettuce Tea
Wild Lettuce Tea

Check Price

Tincture Concentrate

A tincture is a fantastic way of carrying wild lettuce with you, they are made from concentrate, so a small amount can go a long way. Just drop some on your skin or in your mouth and the medicinal effects will start to take effect pretty quickly. As with the tea, tinctured can be bought online.

Wild Lettuce Extract
Wild Lettuce Extract

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Smoking Wild Lettuce

Smoking wild lettuce results in one of the fastest ways to get the acting effects. It perhaps goes without saying that smoking is not great for your lungs; so if you have Asthma or other breathing difficulties, you might want to stick to one of the other methods above.

Extracting the Active Ingredients

If you’d like to make your own Wild Lettuce extract, the steps are fairly simple and don’t require much in the way of equipment.

  1. Roughly chop or blend the plants leaves, you don’t want to overdo this, you’re not looking to create a paste.
  2. Add the chopped leaves to a pot of water and bring it to the boil.
  3. Simmer the leaves until the water has turned a very dark gree / brown colour.
  4. Strain the brew through a fine sieve into another pot.
  5. Press down on the leaves to extract as much water as possible.
  6. You can chuck out the boiled leaves.
  7. Put the strained mixture back on the stove and boil it until you’re left with a paste.
  8. This paste is the Wild Lettuce concentrate.
  9. Once cooled add the paste to an airtight vile and store it out of direct sunlight or temperature extremes.
  10. Take a dose whenever it’s required.
  11. You can pour it into a vial and store it in your bug out bag, medical cabinet, or elsewhere for later use.

How Much to Take?

Correct dosing is not set in stone, there are no official recommendations and the strength of the product can vary greatly. If you’re a large and frequent user, you’ll need to take larger doses in order to receive the same benefits as someone who’s smaller and infrequent user.

It’s advisable to start at lower doses and see what works for you, roughly 100mg should be a good starting point for most people. You can, of course, take more if you need to, but it’s not so easy to remove a dose. Remember, it is a drug after all.

How to Identify Wild Lettuce

As the name suggests, Wild Lettuce is a relative of the common lettuce we add to our sandwiches.
If left unrestrained and in great growing conditions, the plant can reach the lofty height of 80 inches, which is worth knowing, this plant can be a beast!

Generally speaking, the plant is quite stout in appearance, with leaves that are tinged with purple.The wide oval leaves have a distinctive jagged edge which is difficult to miss.

You’re most likely to catch the plant flowering in late summer, between July and September. Its flowers are quite similar to dandelions, with the same vibrant yellow colour.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the plant is its sap, which is milky and if you rub it between your fingers, you’ll notice how sticky it is. As with most things like this, a picture can paint a thousand words, so check out this short video which does a great job of explaining how to identify the plant.

Grow Your Own Wild Lettuce

Growing your own wild lettuce is an incredibly easy task, one that requires very little skill or dedication. The plants are quite hardy and forgiving for even the most unskilled gardener. Simply buy some seeds online, there is quite a range available from Amazon, so it’s a good a place as any other.
It’s best to sow the seeds in Spring, either in pots or if you have space, in a prepared flower bed. Plant the seeds roughly 6 inches apart and cover lightly with soil. Provide a light sprinkling of water and keep them moist until the plants are well established. While they are growing to make sure they never completely dry out, make sure they have plenty of Sunlight and allow them to do their thing, it takes time to grow.

Where to buy Wild Lettuce Online

There are more than a few online retailers selling Wild Lettuce in its various forms, take a look and see which ones take your fancy or take a look here.

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Wild Lettuce in a Survival Situation

As Wild lettuce is so wildly available and offers a range of benefits, most noticeably its pain relief, it can be used in a variety of survival situations.
If the worst came to the worst and the society devolved into a largely lawless world, having a stockpile of wild lettuce might give you an edge over everyone else. Being able to trade an effective pain reliever without having to rely on complicated manufacturing procedures is a massive bonus, you might just find your stockpile of Wild Lettuce is very much sought after putting you into a strong position for trading other essential items such as food and shelter.

Signing Off

Humans have widely used naturally occurring medicines for thousands of years. Efficiently treating pain with a very simple plant is something that’s invaluable, and worth knowing about.
Wild opium lettuce is a remarkable example of how a naturally occurring medicine is very much still relevant today. It’s widely available, cheap and easy to grow and has a range of health benefits, it truly a wonder plant

source http://crowsurvival.com/how-to-use-wild-lettuce-for-survival/

The Best Survival Knife To Buy In 2018

In the unlikely scenario where you are in an unfortunate surprise survival scenario, what is the best knife to have by your side? In this kind of survival scenario having anything is better than nothing. However, if you’re researching the topic, you most likely don’t want any knife, you’re looking for the ultimate survival knife that’s available to buy.

Knife Length Rating Price
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 “Campanion” Fixed Blade Knife 10.5 Inches Check Price
Gerber LMF II Infantry 10.59 Inches Check Price
Gerber Strong Arm Military Knife 9.8 Inches Check Price
Ka-Bar Becker US Marine Corp Fighting Utility Knife 11.87 Inches Check Price
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife 11 Inches Check Price
Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife 10.5 Inches Check Price
Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat / Utility Knife 12.75 Inches Check Price
Schrade Extreme Survival Knife 12.1 Inches Check Price
ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade 11.75 Inches Check Price
ESEE Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife 10 Inches Check Price

Every one of us has a personal preference for what makes something useful, whether that’s a knife, tent or crossbow. But when it comes to an extreme survival situation you’re going to want the best survival knife that’s capable of taking significant punishment but still come out on top as well as being a tool that can perform well at almost any task.

Below we’ve highlighted our very favorite survival knives with an easy to follow rating and a link to more information and price checker.

The Best Survival Knife

The knives we’ve covered in this guide account for a fraction of what’s available. There are more models and manufacturers available than we could have possibly included in an article. We have done our utmost to list what we consider to be outstanding knives, with something to suit every price range with examples from the number one manufacturers. If there’s a make or model you feel that needs to make its way onto this list, then please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll consider it for future revisions.

For this guide, we’re only considering knives which are fixed blade, which we firmly believe is a must-have feature for a serious survival knife. There are of course more than several folding survival knives that can be used as a last resort and are therefore excellent backups, but a primary survival knife given the option to choose, should without a doubt be a fixed blade knife, with no exceptions.

What Is A Survival Knife?

While there are no official criteria for what can be considered a survival knife, we would classify it as something that is a must-have tool that is useful in an unlikely event of a survival situation. If you ever find yourself in an actual fight for survival, perhaps wandering in the wilds or if you just like to test your skills, the proper tools can make the difference between life and death. A knife can allow you to build a shelter, possibly begin to light a fight or prepare food, clear paths, hunt and even provide defense in dire circumstances.

Even the writers of LOST understood the importance of a knife which is why John Locke had a bag full of blades, including a Bowie knife and a Ka-Bar. LOST might not have dragged on for so many seasons if John wasn’t equipped with so much hardware.

Generally speaking, a fixed blade full-tang knife will be considerably more reliable and resilient compared to any partial tang or folding knife. Full-tang means the knife’s metal extends all the way to the end of the blade. This extra length means that there are very few weak points in the construction, allowing the blade to withstand significant stress or abuse. If the handle falls off, it can easily be replaced, but if a joint snaps in a folding knife, it’s much harder to repair.

However, we should acknowledge that folding or knives that are partial tang are much more affordable, and provide much of the same benefits of a perfect survival knife.

Eight Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Survival Knife

Eight main things need to be considered when choosing the perfect survival knife, which should also encompass your possible uses and your budget.

Every survival knife needs to include certain important characteristics to perform successfully at any one task. We’ve provided specific examples of what to look for below to help with any buying decisions.

Folding or fixed blade, which is the better knife for survival?

Fixed Blade or Folding
Fixed Blade or Folding

A pocket knife is a useful and handy tool which you can take with you almost anywhere. The main drawback of a folding knife is the inherent weakness the folding mechanism introduces which a full tang knife doesn’t have.

Strength is a critical characteristic that every survival knife needs to excel that, given the various applications and tough situations a survival knife is likely to be subjected to. A blade which has cracked or shattered is a knife that has failed to do its job and can mean the difference between life and death.
You will want and need a blade that is extremely robust and can take on any tasks without fear of breaking the blade. You will need a knife that is tried and tested in a variety of survival situations and can be relied upon to get the job done. A quality folding knife can supplement a survivalist’s first blade, although it should not be solely relied upon to act as the only knife in a survival situation.

What is the best knife edge?

Knife Edge Types

A survival knifes cutting edge can vary greatly, with each type offering distinct advantages and disadvantages, it’s, therefore, essential to consider which edge type will best suit your particular needs.
In all likely hood, your knife is expected to feature a straight cutting edge, which is what we recommend as it’s a general purpose edge suitable for a variety of tasks. However, the straight edge can feature a variety of rake angles, including positive rake angles, neutral rake angles, and negative rake angles.
A neutral rake angle is one you’re most likely to comes across and is at a right angle from the bolster of the knife.

A positive rake angle differs slightly as it extends from the bolster in a downward trajectory, this helps with slicing and cutting.

A negative rake angle aligns itself in an upward angle from the bolster, this, in turn, lessens the pressure experienced on the cutting edge when slicing or cutting.

Finally, there are what are called recurved edges which incorporate elements of all three types into one edge. The blade will begin with a straight edge, changing to a positive and finally tapering off with a negative angle. This has the benefit of creating the center of balance well forward of the hilt, which establishes a knife which is good for chopping as well as being suitable for cutting and carving.

Blade Design: What To Look For

Knife Points
Knife Points

When you’re looking for a survival knife, perhaps the most critical characteristic is the blade design, which heavily influences its suitability for use in a survival situation. In a case where you’re continued existence relies on a knife, you’ll find that you’ll need to utilize the full length of any blade, from the belly to the choil and even the tip will be used for piercing. There are more than a few blade designs available to buy. Including but not limited to trailing points, clip points, drop points and spear points. These all offer various advantages and disadvantages, but for the purposed of survival, you’ll want to focus your attention primarily on clip point, drop point and spear point.

These three designs have a unique selling point for any serious survival enthusiast, firstly the tip of the blade is positioned closer to the center line, which imparts greater control to the wielder compared to a traditional straight-backed design. Additionally, the design also lightens the end of the blade, serving to place the center of gravity closer to the hilt of the night which in turn improves handling. The experienced survivalist will tend to group survival knives into one of three categories, bushcraft/utility knives, camp knives and heavy-duty knives, this classification is mostly dependant on the blades length and the blades design.

A heavy duty knife will most often feature a hardy, heavy-duty design, featuring a blade that will vary between 10 and 14 inches. A weight-forward design and saber grind and ultra-tough steel types such as 440c, 5160 or 1095 carbon steel are cornerstone features of these knives. Ideally, the blade will be ergonomically designed with a non-slip handle for safe handling in cold and wet environments.

A camp knife is classically defined as a medium weight knife with a blade that will vary between 5 and 8 inches in length with a hollow or flat grind and balance point which is closer to to the hilt. Ideally, it should feature an ergonomic slip free handle which allows the knife to be comfortably held in several positions.
A bush utility or craft knife is the smallest of the three types of knives, measuring in at between 3.5 and 5 inches. Most will come with either a spear point, clip point or drop point and feature a flat or hollow grind with an ergonomic non-slip handle.

The type of blade steel matters

The steel which has been used to create a survival knife matters a great deal, it’s in our opinion the second most critical factor after blade design in deciding what knife to buy. There are two main types of steel, stainless steel, and non-stainless steel, the difference between the two on a chemical level is primarily due to the chromium content. Stainless steel contains more chromium and is, therefore, less prone to rusting.

Non-stainless steels such as high carbon steel are significantly harder and resilient compared to stainless. However, they can rust if not cared for carefully. Additionally, carbon steel is considered to be more comfortable to sharpen but will retain its edge for less time. While stainless steels are not as hardened when compared to carbon steel, harder to sharpen, more likely to break or become mishappen, but they are far less prone to rust or corrode and will retain their edge for longer once sharpened.

The above is a general rule of thumb and can be used as a rough guide, but the Rockwell Hardness (HRC) is a better indicator of toughness and edge holding capabilities. A knife blade with Rockwell Hardness of 50 – 54 are hardened, easier to sharpen but are less likely to hold an edge. A blade with Rockwell Hardness of 58 – 62 are less tough but will hold their edge very well. A knife with Rockwell Hardness of 54 – 58 is a compromise between the two extremes and attempts to balance edge holding ability with toughness.

Long bladed, heavy-duty survival knives will likely be made from some non-stainless steel, such as high carbon or tool steel and will have a Rockwell Hardness of 50-54. Conversely, smaller bushcraft or camp knives can be made of either stainless or non-stainless steels.

How long should the blade be?

Knife Length

The length of a knife blade significantly impacts the abilities of the knife and what tasks it will excel at. For example, a blade which averages between 8 and 10 inches will likely have enough mass and leverage to be suitable for splitting and chopping wood, however, this length makes it less ideal for delicate tasks that require precision handling.

Shorter blades that are between 3.5 and 5 inches are ideal for delicate work that need a high degree of precision, such as cutting notches, building traps, preparing game and fish and slicing roots and tubers.
A blade of between 6 and 7.7 inches is a compromise between the two extremes and will likely be able to perform both delicate and heavy duty tasks with a certain degree of success.

Full or Partial Tang?

Full or Partial Tang
Full or Partial Tang

On a fixed blade knife the tang is the part of the blade that extends into the handle and is what the handle is attached. Where the tang meets the handle is considered to be one of a knifes weak points, so while there are several tang types, I would urge you to only choose a full tang or hidden tang for a survival knife, as these offer distinct advantages regarding strength over other tang types.

By far the most popular option is the full tang design, and for a good reason, if you have the choice between the full tang and something else, pick the full tang. The design features tang that encompasses the entire width and length of the handle, with handle scales affixed to either side with rivets or glue.
The hidden tang has some similarities to a full tang blade, largely because it extends nearly the full width and length of the handle and is designed in such a way the handle can be hollowed and slid onto the tang.

Partial tangs and stick tangs are less than ideal choices for a survival knife. These tangs will extend the full length of the handle but won’t continue to the full width. It is quite common to find these tangs alongside handles that are made from stacked leather which are held in place with a screw down pommel.

What’s the difference between saber and flat grind?

Knife Edge Types
Knife Edge Types

A blades grind shape a fundamental factor in when deciding on what survival knife blade design to choose. There are of course several blade grinds available, but for a survival knife, the two most appropriate for our needs is the saber grind and the flat grind.

The saber grind has a bevel that extends only a very short distance from the cutting edge, which creates a thick wedge-like edge that’s difficult to sharpen to a very fine point, but it does an excellent job at holding an edge when used for splitting and chopping.

A flat grind offers a compromise between a saber grind and hollow grind. It can be sharpened to a much finer edge versus a saber grind and it will additionally hold its edge much better when compared to a hollow grind.

Some models of survival knives will have what can be best described as a hollow saber grind, incorporating both the thick spine of the saber grind and the fine edge of a hollow grind. This is a good compromise between the two options and is capable of both chopping and fine slicing.

What about knife handles?

An often overlooked feature of the survival knife is the material the handle is made from, and it needs to be sturdy, non-slip, hardwearing and water-resistant to prevent rotting. The most commonly used material is micarta, which is a resin that’s subjected to extreme pressure to form a solid, hard wearing and watertight material.

Plastics which have been reinforced with fiber are also popular and work equally well. If a knife is likely to be used for a significant amount of chopping then a handle which can absorb the shock is a good option, Hypalon or Krayton are good options for this.

The 10 Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives Available to Buy

There so many excellent survival knives available that it makes choosing a top ten an incredibly difficult task. Below you’ll find our top 10 best survival knives, with something to suit every budget and niche requirement. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 “Campanion” Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2
Ka-Bar Becker BK2

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion is a seriously impressive knife with a legion of loyal fans; it’s probably the best selling ‘serious’ survival knife on the market. With more than 1000 verified reviews on Amazon, its been tested in almost every scenario possible, the user reviews are a testament to its quality.

Key Stats:

  • Knife length: 10.5 Inches
  • Blade length: 5.25 Inches
  • Blade Tip: Drop Point
  • Material: 1095 High Carbon
  • Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Handle: Ultramid
  • Weight: 16 ounces

Take a closer look at this knife it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. It boasts a drop point blade which as we’ve already discussed is ideal for survival purposes. But it additionally features rugged construction, a 5.25-inch blade made from 1095 Cro-van high carbon steel, with an impressive Rockwell Hardness of 56 – 58 and a saber grind which can be honed to a very fine edge.

The Ultamid handle which is a bespoke polyimide that is both enormously strong and utterly resistant to water and has is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. The knife is of medium length and is therefore well suited as bushcraft utility knife and camo knife, performing almost any task with ease, from preparing traps to gutting a kill.

Costing slightly less than $70 at the time of writing this, it’s an absolute steal and no wonder that it’s so popular. With high-end craftsmanship, innovative design, proven longevity and a convenient size it ticks all the right boxes and is an excellent example of what a survival knife should be.

Gerber LMF II Infantry

Gerber LMF II Infantry
Gerber LMF II Infantry

The Gerber LMF II Infantry knife was created to bridge the gap between military grade and civilian grade survival knives. It’s well thought out blade that makes for an excellent utility knife, but given its size, it’s not well suited to chopping or any heavy-duty tasks.

Specially designed to be a military grade survival knife, the Gerber LMF II is a very well designed little knife. Although it’s way too small to be useful chopping tool and its design is not particularly well suited to the role of a camp knife, it is an excellent little utility knife.

Key Stats:

  • Blade tip: drop point
  • Overall length: 10.59 Inch
  • Blade Length: 4.84 Inch
  • Material: 420 HC
  • Hardness: unknown
  • Handle: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Sheath: nylon
  • Weight: 11.67 oz

The 4.84-inch drop point blade is made from 420HC stainless steel and features a serrated cutting edge and deep saber grind. The serrated blade is less than ideal for camping tasks such as sharpening staves or creating traps, but when seen as a military knife the design options make more sense. A serrated blade is perfect for cutting canvas or assisting with escape tasks. Additionally, the glass breaker pommel provides means of escaping a vehicle in a hurry.

Additionally, the 5.75-inch handle has been made from a near indestructible and watertight fiberglass impregnated nylon which has been coated with a comfortable rubber coating. The handle is further complimented with an integral double finger guard with jimping that works to improve a users grip further. A smart addition to the knife is a set of lanyard holes set into the handle they can be used to lash the blade to staff to create a makeshift hunting spear, which could make the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

The Gerber LMF II Infantry knife is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a utility knife that comes in a compact package.

Gerber Strong Arm Military Knife

Gerber Strong Army Military Knife
Gerber Strong Army Military Knife

Gerber has another entry in our list of the best survival knives with the Gerber Strong Arm Military Knife, which aims to bring military features to a civilian knife, a job is done admirably well, making it one of the better small utility survival knives available. Much like the previous Gerber, it features a 4.8-inch drop point blade, making it an ideal survival knife.

Key Stats:

  • Blade Tip: drop point
  • Overall length: 9.8 Inches
  • Blade: 4.8 Inches
  • Blade material: 420 HC
  • Hardness: unknown
  • Material: Fibreglass Nylon
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Weight: 7.2 oz

The Strong Arm boasts a 420HC stainless steel blade with an added black ceramic coating, which additionally enhances its weather and corrosion resistance, as well as making it look pretty damn cool. However, in a move which distinguishes the Strong Arm from the LMF II Infantry model, the blade is made available with or without a serrated edge, which is a nice touch. As the knife is relatively small it’s not really up to chopping or any other tasks which require some heft. However, it is an excellent utility knife and excels at any tasks that require precision such as preparing game or snares.

Aiding in the control of the knife blade is the thoughtfully designed ergonomic 5-inch handle which is made from a fiberglass nylon blend and coated with a nonslip rubber coating which tremendously resilient and completely waterproof. Improving the grip further is the double finger guard with jimping which allows for greater stability in the hand.

Lastly, the knife comes with a nylon, heavy duty modular sheath that has been designed to be mounted in a variety of positions, for example horizontally on a standard issue belt, vertically in an upright position on a MOLLE-equipped vest or on drop leg belt. The Strong Arm is a well thought out and put together knife which makes it a perfect utility knife, the blade is outstanding the handle is a pleasure to hold, lastly the sheath is the icing on the cake, creating an incredibly useful tool.

Like almost all Gerber products, the Strong Arm is one that you can rely on time and time again.

Ka-Bar Becker US Marine Corp Fighting Utility Knife

Ka-Bar Becker US Marine Corp Fighting Utility Knife
Ka-Bar Becker US Marine Corp Fighting Utility Knife

World famous and renowned, the iconic Ka-Bar U.S.M.C Fighting and Utility knife is in a league of its own and is instantly recognizable to many knife enthusiasts. We would wager that the only other knives that come close to the Becker in terms of being recognizable would be Skye’s double-edged daggers issues to UK troops during WW2 and the Kukri issues to Gurkha troops. The Ka-Bar Becker has an incredible heritage and is justly placed as one of the all-time great knives.

Key Stats:

  • Blade tip: Drop Point
  • Overall length: 11.875 Inches
  • Blade: 7 Inches
  • Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Handle: leather
  • Sheath: leather
  • Blade: 1095 Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 0.7 lb

The Ka-Bar features a clip point at the end of a durable 7-inch blade, the edge has been finished with a saber grind and the 1095 Cro-Van high carbon tool steel has been additionally finished with a corrosion resistant coating to prevent rusting, as well as looking great. The knife boasts a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58 and follows in the traditional Bowie Knife style and as such is a particularly well-suited combat knife as well as being a robust survival knife.

Despite there being a huge selection of survival knives available in today’s market and taking into account the heavy duty design and blade construction, the comparatively low MSRP makes the knife a perfect value option. If you appreciate a touch of nostalgia, you might appreciate the fact that the handle is made from stacked leather discs on a stick tang which is secured in place with a steel pommel cap. The leather has been sealed and treated to provide longevity and ensuring the handle is weatherproof and capable of providing a comfortable grip.

Finishing off the package is a good looking stamped leather sheath.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

It goes without saying that Fallkniven is one of the leading civilian knife manufacturers producing knives today, and the Fallkniven A1L Survival Knife is an explanatory example of why they are at the top of their game and leading the field.

Key Stats:

  • Blade Tip: Clip point
  • Blade: 6.3 Inches
  • Overall: 11 Inches
  • Blade: VG-10
  • Hardness: 59 HRC
  • Handle: Kraton rubber
  • Weight: 12 oz

The 6.3-inch clip point blade has been engineered with a VG-10 stainless steel core which boasts a Rockwell Hardness rating of 59 HRC. This is then laminated and sandwiched between two softer layers of stainless steel. The saber grind edge extends all the way to the back of the blade where the 0.24-inch spine provides exceptional strength and flexibility; this knife is in the running for the strongest survival knife available. A comfortable and well executed ergonomic handle hides the tang, while a diamond textured Kraton rubber handle ensures the knife remains comfortable and allows the wielder to feel confident that the knife will not slip in the hand.

Lastly, the knife comes with a fetching robust black leather sheat with a singular snap strap. Even if the blade is not quite long enough to be used as a confident chopping tool, it is an outstanding example of what a good quality knife can be. The large purpose blade design ensures the knife is an excellent all-rounder for any number of wilderness survival jobs you might choose to throw at it, from cutting to skinning to buttoning.

Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife

Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife
Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife

With a lineage that dates back to 1945, the Buck model 119 has been an integral part of the Buck lineup of camp knives for more than 70 years. Originally constructed by the hands of Hoyt and Al Buck, the blade is an American legend.

Key Stats:

  • Blade Tip: clip point
  • Overall: 10.5 Inch
  • Blade: 6 Inch
  • Blade: 420 HC
  • Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Handle: phenolic plastic
  • Sheath: leather
  • Weight: 7.5 oz

Due to its 6-inch Clip Point blade and exceptionally sharp hollow grind made possible because of the 420 HC stainless steel used as well as the 58 HRC Rockwell Hardness. This blade is a well thought out choice for many survival-related tasks, for example creating snares, trimming branches as well more delicate tasks such as gutting fish or preparing game.

However, the lightweight blade and low down the center of balance makes chopping inadvisable and difficult. On the upside, the hollow grind means achieving an exceptionally fine edge much for achievable, which in turn makes slicing and chopping very easy, due to this fineness, any chopping will dull the edge relatively quickly.

The 4.5-inch black phenolic plastic handle is both comfortable to use for extended periods and makes the user feel confident in its nonslip design. The additional of the finger guard and smooth aluminum butt cap contrast nicely with the otherwise black handle. If you’re at all familiar with Buck knives, you’ll be able to glance this one and instantly know it’s a Buck knife simply from the shape of the handle.

If you’re someone that likes a classic design, then the Buck model 119 Special may well tick all the boxes you’re looking for in a survival knife. The fact that the design hasn’t changed much in the last 70 years is a testament to how well the originals were put together, it was and still is one of the best survival knives available. The addition of a pouch type leather sheath is a welcome addition and will help you keep the knife secure and well cared for years to come.

Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat / Utility Knife

The Ka-Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife was designed with a simple purpose in mind, which was to be the very best all-purpose utility knife available to both amateur survival enthusiasts or to professional soldiers.

Key Stats:

  • Blade tip: clip point
  • Overall: 12.75 Inches
  • Blade length: 7 Inches
  • Blade: 1095 Tool Steel
  • Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Handle: Ultramid
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Weight: 0.85 lb

The long blade combined with the outstanding design and the no-fuss straight cutting edge ensures the knife remains particularly well positioned as a great all-round survival knife. Boasting a 7-inch clip point blade made from 1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel with a deep saber grind and a coating of black anti-corrosion treatment, the knife is a thing of beauty. A hardness rating of between 56 – 58 positions the knife into the territory of heavy duty knives that are capable of chopping, digging and splitting branches.
Additionally, the full tang construction with ergonomically shaped slab handles ensure the knife stays firmly in the hands. The handles are made from a customized Ultamid polyamide which is both sturdy and utterly resistant to moisture.

Partly due to its size and partly due to its incredible design, the Becker BK7 Combat/Utility knife is a general purpose survival knife that will perform nearly any job seamlessly. Whether you’re making a snare or building a shelter, you’ll take comfort in the fact that your knife is up to the task at hand. If you happen to utilize MOLLE gear, you’ll be pleased to know the provided nylon sheath is compatible.

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

A brilliant example of what Schrade can do, the Extreme Survival model SCHF9 is ideal for anyone that’s looking for a knife that is not made of traditional stainless steel. The tool grade non-stainless steel used to create this knife is both incredibly tough and relatively easy to sharpen. It’s also very wallet-friendly, coming in well under $100.

Key Stats:

  • Blade Tip: drop point
  • Overall: 12.1 Inches
  • Blade: 6.4 Inches
  • Hardness: unknown
  • Blade: 1095 High Carbon
  • Handle: Plastic Elastomer
  • Sheath: nylon
  • Weight: 16 oz

Due to the substantial 6.4-inch drop point blade and the well thought out recurved cutting edge, the knife is well equipped for both sharpening staves as well as chopping. The 1095 high carbon tool steel has been made with a hollow grind and the balance of the knife is well forward of the hilt, allowing for an effective chopping tool.

As the blade is made from 1095 high carbon tool steel, you can expect the knife to be well equipped to handle heavy-duty use. In the hand, the knife feels comfortable and the grip provided by the Thermo Plastic Elastomer is reassuring, it feels like a cross between plastic and rubber, and allows for any knocks or vibrations to directly absorbed by the handle rather by your hand.

As far as sheaths go, the heavy-duty nylon version provided by Schrade is perfectly capable of keeping the knife safe and secure.

ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade with Grey Removable Micarta Handles

Back in 1997, the Randall Adventure & Training Company decided to enter the competitive knife market with the ESEE brand of knives. From that point, the brand has gone from strength to strength and have made a name for themselves as a name that can be trusted to make quality designs and reliable craft. We think the ESEE-6 is well deserving of its position in the top 10 survival knives available to buy.

Key Stats:

  • Blade Tip: Drop Point
  • Overall: 11.75 Inch
  • Blade: 6.5 Inch
  • Blade: 1095 High Carbon
  • Hardness: 55-57 HRC
  • Handle: Linen Micarta
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Weight: 12 oz

When you use a knife that’s been designed by experts in jungle survival training, you can tell that the experience has not gone to waste. Case in point the ESEE 6, which as far as survival knives go is firmly placed as one of our favorites, it’s near enough impossible to fault and provides everything you’d want from a medium sized knife.

Featuring a 6.5-inch drop point blade crafted from high carbon 1095 tool steel and an anti-corrosion finish, the flat grind and blade hardness rating of 55-57 HRC ensure this knife is on part with the best of the best. The design of the blade is reminiscent of a hunting knife rather than a combat knife, which is no bad thing.

You’ll be able to exert precise control with the drop point blade positioned close to the center line, while the hollow grind nicely balances roughness with a found edge. The knife is a significant achievement, and we can thoroughly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a resilient general purpose survival knife.

Lastly, the full tang construction provides exceptional strength and stability which is additionally supported by the highly ergonomic handle. The handle is made from near-indestructible Micarta, which provides a non-slip surface and shock absorbing abilities. Wrapping it all up is the Kydex sheath which is tough and well suited to protect your knife.

ESEE Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Laser Strike
ESEE Laser Strike

The ESEE Laser Strike knife stands out from the standard survival knife design in that it features a spear point blade, rather than the more traditional drop point. It should be noted though that this is not a drawback. Spear points offer an advantage in that the tip is directly in line with the blades center line, allowing for superior piercing abilities.

Key Stats:

  • Blade tip: spear point
  • Overall: 10 Inch
  • Blade: 4.75 Inch
  • Blade: 1095 High Carbon
  • Rockwell Hardness: 55-57 HRC
  • Handle: Linen Micarta
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Weight: 9.5 oz

Including a 4.75-inch spear point blade that has been crafted from high carbon 1095 tool steel, the knife boasts a hardness rating of 55-57 HRC as well as corrosion resistant coating and an edge that’s been finished with a flat grind. The choice of stell makes the knife extremely resilient while the average hardness rating ensures the blade can retain and take an edge with relative ease.

A full tang finish which is sandwiched between two Micarta scales afford the knife a high degree of comfort and assurance in the hand. ESEE have finished off the package with another Kydex sheath, which again is very tough and well suited to keeping your knife safe and well protected.

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